So hey guess what?


This happened. All finally like

Yeah a whole hourish of seamless dark droney ambience
Thats really just a giant metaphor for death.
I am totally goth.

For eight whole dollars?
Sign me up…
Wait a minute.

I am totally going to keep doing stuff like this.
If i make enough in sales to buy new toys… So be it.
If not,… Meh.
I make what i think is cool.
Hopefully other people do to.
If i could only buy more time.

The six month checkup

The art thing.
Has not stopped.

The day job has gotten complicated, demoralizing and less interesting.
And mostly because of it, compounded by quitting smoking back in dec.
The drinking has started.
I’ve gone head first into booze.
I have no taste for beer and certainly no taste for wine….
But booze ( except vodka which just tastes like burning) I have a taste for.
I drink like an old man.
I might even have to create a subsection here to house reviews and or favorite cocktail recipie discoveries. It could mean that i might be posting more here.

now for the music shit

I’ve named my ambient record that I’ve been sitting on for almost two years.
You know the one I can’t seem to get anyone terribly excited about enough to release.
Yea. That one. It must not be that good… Right?
I have an artwork concept in mind but its so simple i can’t leave it alone.

I have also resumed making the standard proem fare…
I am now about half way through the standard 13 songs i seem to deem a record.

There’s the beginnings of an unreleased collection… But that is quite a ways off.

If i become morose and or drunk enough one night I shall drop all of these things on bandcamp and make them pay what you want… And be done with it.
Or whatever.

Oh, there was a comp recently that I was part of.
My “exclusive” contribution gets a little lost.
i dont think it fit at all.

good cause though.

Honestly, it made me a little sad for the current batch of electronic listeners/producers.
All that compresseed haze and low end…
But then i remember i am a fucking dinosaur that thinks music should have giant swinging genitals ( male, female, both) and grab you by the fucking ears and focus you to do nothing but listen.
I’m not saying ive been able to do that with my own music…
But thats what i aim for.

Kids these days with their sidechained bass compression and their detuned voice samples…

A maker of art

I have hit a serious creative streak.

in the last month or so my desire to paint and draw things has reached an all time high.
Ive finished at least four mixed media pieces randing in size from 18×24 to 9×12.

if you have been paying attention to my twitter ramblings this is no surprise.
I think ive managed to chase off more than a few people with the rampant art posts.

Here’s what a few of them look like.




I also started up a society6 page wherein im selling prints, ipod cases, ipad stickers, throw pillows (yes throw pillows), and prints on the relatively cheap.

One of these days im going to have to get back to making music,… I guess.

Perhaps its time for a rebrand

Proem needs a change.

Ive been considering doing one of two things. The first would involve following starbucks suit and trimming out the unnecessary element from the logo. Down to just the shield. The second would be to ditch the whole thing and totally rebrand. Yes itssilly to consider proem a brand. Ithas always been an image, a mask thati can use to hide behind. I often imagined that it would become either a cult church like symbol or a corporate style logo.

Perhaps i should run both options by the board of directors.
Pssst thats you.

So here we are again


So it would appear that ive lost all motivation to keep this thing up to date with the goings on. Although, it may be that there none to report.

You can thank the twitters for that either way.

As it seems to be where my most random of unformed and or partially form thoughts wind up. I should really start collecting them as notes for a full blog post thing before everyone realizes i am a complete failure as a sentient human.

Probably too late for that anyway.

A this year starts to sputter down to a crawl i need to unload a few thoughts that have looped through this year. Spoiler alert: it might be a little bleak.

  1. i am a total failure. Be it music, painting, writing, web development,… whatever. I am the total black hole of suck. I am terrible and you should know this. There are millions of people that are thousand times more talented. These are people that are vastly more successful than i am. There are people that breathe in knowledge effortlessly. I hate these people for making it look easy. For having the time, dedication, and patience to build foundations that allow them to hop from one box to the next. I reach but never quite make the goal. Yet, i continue to reach higher. Why?
  2. I am going to die. Soon. ok maybe not like next week but it could happen at any time. The truth is, my creative relevance is running out ( if not already depleted ). My death clock is ticking loudly. I have a pile of fucking moleskines filled with art and music ideas ill never get to. In the scale of the universe, my life and ‘work’ is Insignificant and will quietly fade into the darkness of space. Twenty years from now, if im still breathing, few will notice the absence of me. perhaps thats as it should be. Ok im not gonna whine about that anymore. Its boring and depressing. Moving on.
  3. this one is probably the final thought that is usually at the end of the cycle. If i am going to die, if the things i produce are only average, and i will be a footnote of a footnote in history why should i let these things get in the way of the doing? If my paintings arent very good ill make them overly detailed. If my music is subpar i will strip away the fat with a giant knife and bring the pieces i think are wonderul and amazing to the forefront. I will make these things because they keep me from killing everyone. They shall hopefully prevent me from becoming being relatively intolerable asshole. I will make things not because they transcend time or make the money truck back up to my door. I will make them because i want to. I will make them the way i want to. I will make things that i think are beautiful, weird and spectacular

This is my creative cycle… Maybe its yours too.

making art that gets close to your inner ideal is difficult. And not unlike smoking, once you start you will wish you could stop.

Well that hasnt worked out too well

So yeah,…
The day job has presented me with a project so awesome ive done nothing but work on it for the last three months…

Theme framework. Tabled.

Ive picked up a few side projects
And then put them down right after.
So it goes.

Music has resumed.
So thats a positive.
Ive got about four songs finished
And if things go as planned i should be scrapping evereything else ive got in progress and starting over in a complete hardware setup
Ok. Maybe not everything.
So far its weird. And distorted.
And has a bit more noise elements to it
Cuz you know hardware allows you to improvise easier…
Thats probably complete shit talking
But it resonates.

moving along… i have the fastest snails

Well, things are progressing nicely I’d say…

my theme framework is about wrapped up and will get some third party use cases developed for it while I scribble up documentation for it.

Once I’ve got the documentation written I’ll turn it loose upon the world and see what sticks. Though i should mention that I choke a bit calling it a framework, as it’s not so much a “BuiltFromTheGroundUpOMGAmazingScaffoldingThingâ„¢ “as it is “pool” of resources and tricks I’ve collected over the years. As an additional bonus, I’ve tried to address as many of the things I hate about other grid systems,…

It could flop completely. And by flop i mean go completely unnoticed and unused by anyone but me. This is what happens when you try new things. It is a risk. One that you must take in order to learn hard lessons fast. Eggs do not make themselves into omelets. Which i find incredibly weird to say being vegan. (mental note: come up with vegan equivelant for that analogy)

Hello world (again)

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I’ve made a proper mess of this site haven’t I? I’ve allowed it to gather what looks like about 3 inches of dust, an entire colony cobwebs, broken furniture, boxes of discarded toys and,… shit, is that a dead rat?

Well, no longer.

I am back to with vengeance and stuff. Mostly because I have mind exploding revelations in the middle of the night while the rest of you are sleeping, thoughts that 140 characters do not even come near covering, and let me tell you how much I hate social networks.

But I digress!

The real point of all this is instead of cleaning this place up I’ve decided to burn the fucker down. I’ve taken a stand. Here’s the line of demarcation. Right here, you dont see it? There. Next to the this weird doll with one eye and three legged chair. Here, let me push these boxes out of the way. See it now? Good. Let’s move on. Right into WordPress. And thus the interesting parts of this tome. I’m going to go ahead and pretend that you care about why I decided to move things to wordpress, and then bore the shit out of you with the details. Here goes…. the details.

  1. I had a revelation about how to tie things together across the three sites,… it requires a nice little bit of JSON (there’s a wp plugin for that) and a good chunk of jquery. I’ve been wanting to dip my toe into some of the more advanced js stuff recently so this will be a good start,… more on that as it develops (literally)
  2. I’m in the process of building a super lean css framework / wordpress combo. It’s primary intent (the css bits) is to make life suck infinitely less for dev teams who want to stop thinking about “putting the weight in the markup”. It just made too much sense to not turn it into a wordpress framework. I might even port it to drupal and or textpattern just for kicks when I’m done.
  3. In the process of building said thing, which started out as a revamp of my wife’s blog, i checked out the wordpress ipad app… and instantly thought, ” ya know there’s nothing like that for textpattern, and im sure as hell not moving to drupal just to run a blog… must. use.”

So. There it is. We’ll all just have to suffer with this default template until i can finish work on my shiny new one.

Oh and now that the whole nerdy developer talk is out of the way

I’ll have some pretty nifty things music wise to share here too.